The Process

Our Websites are designed to create an eye catching, contemporary and cost effective solution that will get you online as quickly as possible. We have set out the development process so that you can see each step including your contributions to ensure the project is delivered successfully.

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Let's Chat

One of the biggest challenges of any web design project is creating a website that fulfills your goals, serves the needs of your customers, and is aesthetically pleasing. We gather and organise as much information about you and your business as possible so we can prepare a proposal for you.

If you want us to proceed we’ll be able to schedule time for the design, development and testing of your website which will give you an idea of what is happening and when. The Project Schedule also covers contributions from you and shows you when we need things from you such as content and images.

Salty Dog Web Design - Graphic Design


The first stage is a wireframe design, think of this wireframe as the skeleton of your website, it won’t have images or colour but it will show the site layout. We’ll get your feedback on the design structure and make sure no important elements are missing from the pages.

Once you’ve approved the wireframes we’ll get to work on the full design. We’ll be asking you for your content at this stage but If you don’t have time or access to photography or content, don’t worry we can help you out.

Salty Dog Web Design - Hosting

Build & Test

We’ll take your designs and turn them into a fully functioning website which will be placed on our staging server. We’ll give you access to view the site and following your feedback we’ll make any tweaks.

We want to make sure that your site stays functional and beautiful, no matter what future growth it goes through or what type of device it is being viewed on. Taking a best practice approach lays a solid foundation for future upgrades, tweaks, and development, whether or not we’re the ones handling it.

Salty Dog Web Design - Websites


When you are 100% happy with the site we’ll move it onto the live hosting environment, for a monthly fee we offer secure, robust WordPress hosting on fast, resilient servers, however we can arrange to have the site moved to a host of your choice if you prefer to do this. We’ll run through our go live checklist and once complete we’ll point your domain name to your new site.

Salty Dog Web Design - Support & Maintenance


We offer maintenance plans so you can sit back and relax as we take care of the day to day management of monitoring, testing and updating your websites core, theme and plugins to keep your site abreast with the latest features, bug and security fixes to ensure that your site continues to work for your business.

More information on our frequently asked questions page.

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